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The new "Doc Green" version of the Hulk was much like the Merged Hulk, but without any of the imposed limitations. He was incredibly strong and powerful, but could increase his strength well beyond normal limits. Unlike Merged Hulk, this didn't cause him to revert to Banner form, which made him a risky guy to keep around. Además, este Hulk es el que vemos luchar en la saga de The Infinity Gauntlet. La otra versión apareció cuando Tony Stark salvó la vida de Bruce Banner utilizando Extremis, Hulk regresó pero no como el salvaje gigante esmeralda, sino como Doc. Green. Tan inteligente como Banner y con el poder de Hulk. 06/06/2018 · Along with Bruce himself, there was the savage green Hulk and the gray Hulk, who displayed about average intelligence and operated at night as a Las Vegas enforcer named Joe Fixit. Bruce’s friend, the psychiatrist Doc Samson, attempted to help Bruce by working through Bruce's feelings about how his father killing his mother. Imagine that the Hulk now as this Doc Green persona, has turned into the nightmarish brutal tyrant that is Maestro. Maestro, for those who don't know, Doc GreenHulk vs Kang -vs match with a twist Doc Green: Hulk 2014 5-16. After Bruce Banner was shot in the head, Tony Stark used Extremis to heal his brain resulting in one SUPER GENIUS HULK. Move over, Professor Hulk, there is a new mean green genius in town!

Doc Green in Hulk 2014 4. Read this series in full! Following a traumatic brain injury from a bullet, Banner’s genius is lost. Tony Stark pulls off an experimental procedure, inadvertently creating a calculated, but genius-level Hulk in the process. Hulk 14 courtesy Marvel. Ready for the Rumble that will rock the Earth? It’s Doc Green vs. Red Hulk in a brutal no-holds barred battle in this week’s Hulk 14 by Gerry Duggan and Mark Bagley. Doc Green is the latest incarnation of the Hulk and he’s been on a mission to eradicate all gamma-powered powerhouses in the Marvel Universe.

The Incredible Hulk is a character created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. Reserved physicist Dr. Bruce Banner is accidentally exposed to the blast of a test detonation of a gamma bomb he invented while trying to save Rick Jones. Subsequently, when Banner is angry, he involuntarily. No, the Merged Hulk in the MCU is not the same as Doc Green. Let’s look at Doc Green, shall we? Bruce Banner was shot in the skull in 2 locations simultaneously. This rendered him unconscious and prevented Hulk from coming out. An organization was. 06/09/2018 · When Banner healed he became even smarter than before and began to turn into a new Hulk, Doc Green. Smarter than Banner, Doc Green figured out a way to cure all gamma mutants and save the world as well as develop an A.I. based on himself at the time. As with most things in Banner's life, nothing lasts forever. Nel momento in cui Hulk diviene il geniale e malvagio "Doc Green" decidendo di eliminare tutti gli individui potenziati dai raggi gamma, affronta Rulk con l'aiuto di Deadpool riuscendo a sconfiggerlo e a rimuovergli i poteri.

  1. Superhero battle match: Doc Green versus Red Hulk. Who will win in a fight between Doc Green and Red Hulk?
  2. Well contrary to popular belief Ultimate Hulk is a monster. Doc Green best feat is fighting Red Hulk and bashing his face in. Meanwhile Ultimate Hulk manhandles the whole Ultimates team, and then manhandle Ultimate Team and two half strength Squadron Supremes with no affairs at the same time.
  3. È un Hulk intelligente che ambisce a usare la forza della scienza anziché i muscoli. ma forse è anche un mostro spietato! Gerry Duggan lancia Doc Green!
  4. Red hulk vs Doc Green, should that not be a topic on the versus thread rather than on "hulk section"? One thing is for sure, whenever I want hulk news, I just check here on this section. Easily the most busy & updated section of the marvel comics area of mickey's forum.

Sfregio Verde Green Scar / Gravage Hulk. Hulk sconfigge Abominio con l'aiuto di She-Hulk Rossa, She Hulk, Doc Samson e Korg. In seguito Hulk incontra suo padre che si trasforma in Guilt Hulk e inizia uno scontro fra i due nel quale il padre ha la peggio. The Battleworld domain of the Kingdom of Manhattan is based from the remnants of Earth-61610 where variations of characters from Earth-616 and Earth-1610 co-exist on the combined version of both reality's Manhattan. In this case, a variation of Hulk's Doc Green form co-exists with a variation of Earth-1610's Hulk. 05/12/2014 · Check out these Newsarama-exclusive first look images from next month's Hulk 10. HULK 10 GERRY DUGGAN W • MARK BAGLEY A/C OMEGA HULKRED HULK = MASS SMASH DESTRUCTION! • MATT MURDOCK VERSUS DOC GREEN in an oral argument. • RED HULK VERSUS DOC GREEN in the opposite of the first disagreement. • Something bad happens at the. Unfortunately, Doc Green Hulk's new persona that's both super smart and strong came to the conclusion that the world was in danger from Gamma Mutates, who thus needed to be depowered. After Doc Green depowered A-Bomb Rick Jones and Skaar, he also depowered Betty and she lost her power as Red She-Hulk. Except this didn't stick. 15/05/2019 · Avengers: Endgame brings a new version of the Hulk to the Marvel Cinematic Universe — but one whose greater intellect should be fairly familiar to comics fans. From surface similarities to their many differences, here's a look at the untold truth of the big green genius known as Professor Hulk.

  1. An embittered future version of the Hulk, Doc Green keeps to himself in the Battleworld realm known as Green Land.and he doesn't take kindly to those who interrupt his work. When an ally is knocked out, deal 280 damage to a nearby enemy.
  2. The emergence of Doc Green means the storyline about the wounded Bruce Banner is over, but that doesn't the mystery of who shot Banner is over, correct? Right. When that unfolds it will unfold very quickly. In "Hulk" 5 Doc Green calls it a personal matter. He knows who shot Banner, but you have to remember he's only free because Banner was shot.
  3. Sep 1, 2019- Explore PinsByMrP's board "Hulk/Doc Green - Dr. Bruce Banner", followed by 427 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hulk, Incredible hulk and The incredibles.
  4. Appearances of Doc Green Hulk in Marvel comics, flashbacks included. Comics are listed by date.

07/01/2015 · Remember Me? What's New? Forum. Collects Hulk 2014 5-10, Annual 1. Iron Man saved Bruce Banner's life, but at a strange price. Who or what is Doc Green, aka the Omega Hulk? And why is he targeting -- and curing -- the Hulk's Gamma-powered extended family? Rick Jones is the first to face the sinister Doc. Doc Green. He's arguably the second strongest Hulk were as the Merged Hulk is functionally the weakest as he's the only one with a cap. They'd be even at the start but once the power creep kicks in, I could see Doc Green winning. The Hulk is a feectional superhero that appears in comic beuks published bi Marvel Comics. References [ eedit eedit soorce ] ↑ Stan Lee clarified the full name in the letter column of Fantastic Four 28 July 1964, in response to errors made in issues 25–26 April–May 1964.

Fuggito dalla prigionia di Mefisto, il genio criminale viene rintracciato da "Doc Green", geniale e spietata nuova personalità di Hulk, che lo priva nuovamente dei suoi poteri sebbene, in seguito, riesca a impossessarsi di un'intelligenza digitale creata da Banner grazie alla quale recupera sia i suoi poteri che l'originale carnagione verde. Doc Green [Hulk]; Red Hulk. View: Large Edit cover. Cover gallery. The Ω Hulk Chapter Six [The Omega Hulk Chapter Six] Table of Contents: 1 Hulk / comic story / 20 pages report information Script Gerry Duggan Pencils Mark Bagley Inks Andrew Hennessy [as Drew Hennessy] Colors Jason. • Doc Green continua la sua missione volta a eliminate tutti gli esseri gamma della Terra! Il Capo Rosso è uno dei suoi prossimi obiettivi! • Ennesimo scontro violentissimo tra Hulk Verde e Hulk Rosso! • Doc Green incontra Steve Rogers, il vecchio Capitan America! • Che fine ha fatto Bruce Banner? E cosa cerca Deadpool?

Doc Green được cho là nhân dạng Hulk đã tồn tại lâu năm trong cơ thể Bruce Banner, nhưng anh đã dùng thuốc và tập yoga để ngăn chặn sự ra đời của hắn. Mọi chuyện bắt đầu khi Bruce Banner bị tổ chức Order of the Shield tiên liệu sẽ gây ra một sự kiện diệt chủng quy mô lớn.

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